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Poems About MS by Author

Here is a list of poems about MS by author so you if you know the author, you can find all of their poems in one place. And if you don't know the authors, either way you can find out who wrote which poems more easily. You can read each author's poems by clicking on the poem button at the bottom of each page and then back to read the rest should they have more than one.

Poems are listed in order, first by number of poems submitted, then in alphabetical order using first names. You can also go back to the original MS Poems page which are in order by time submitted. On each page you can also find links to more poems listed at the bottom of the page.

Thanks so much to each of our author/poets for their wonderful contribution to our site. Hopefully this page will get larger as we get even more submissions – from YOU perhaps? Enjoy the poems and go here if you wish to add to our growing list.

Poems About MS - Authors Names

~*~ Authors With Ten or More Poems ~*~

Jane Drebus

Southern Indiana

The Slaying|Limboland|Finally Diagnosed in Great Britain|Lonely|MS Means|Resistance|Time Matters|Stranger|A Close Call|How Long|No Longer Benign|Just What I Think|

~*~ Authors With Four or More Poems ~*~


United States

What MS Means to Me|Just Because|My Body Betrays Me|Like the Super Bowl Win|I Never Get a Break|The Colors of MS

Diana Neutze
New Zealand
Chronic|Double|40th Anniversary of My Illness|Multiple Sclerosis|Life Sentence

~*~ Authors With Three Poems ~*~

Bonnie Thomas
Henderson, Nevada
Multiple Sclerosis|I Am- Stronger Than I Am|As a Small Child's Bird

Connie Cox (Misner)
Seattle, WA
A Bad Dream|Falling|After The Fall

~*~ Authors With Two Poems ~*~

Angela Wills
Wild & Wonderful, WV
Will Today Be The Day?|The Diagnosis

Jonathan Thompson
Huntsville, Alabama
My MS Monkey|Just M.S.ing Around

Kelly Autobee
Wymore, Nebraska
MS Will NEVER Beat Me!|I Will WIN!

Kelly N. Anderson

Billings, MT

My Dance|The MS in Me

Tom Harris

Columbus, GA

At Four A.M.|Awake at Two in the Morning

~*~ Authors With One Poem ~*~

Angie Bean

Logan, Utah

Monster in Me

Chris K.
What MS Took

DeAnna Zeibarth


I Used To

Gretchen Lane
Dry Ridge, KY, USA
MS Morning

H. Scott Crane
Secane, PA.
The MS Blues

Jaydean Krupski
Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

Kimberly Bayne
Winchester Va
MS and Me

Kimberly Miller
Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
Lost Me

L. Wilson
Chatham, Ontario, Canada
MS Carnation

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
You Won't Let Go

Quick Sands

Sue Ioannidis
Stein, Limburg, The Netherlands
Daemons and Monsters

Deb Fysz 
Marlton, N.J.

My All

~*~ Anonymous Poems ~*~

Can't Take Me Away

Dear Neurosurgeon:

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