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What MS Took

by Chris K.

MS Sometimes you're invisible. Do you not see that this is changing me. Are you even aware? 

Well sorry MS has gotten control of me, but sorry right now I'm unfixable, and tomorrow maybe worse than today, as I feel my legs give way.

I'm sorry if I am not the ray of sunshine but I guess I'm in mourning of my used to be life. My everyday now is about tremors, shots, falls, pain, knowing I'm losing bits of myself and mind is scary!

I would like to put on my old brave face when I could make everyone believe I am fine, but guess what I can't! So Sorry things can't be all about you right now.

I don't need you to fix me, correct me, question me, make fun of me, but definitely not second guess me. I didn't suddenly turn into someone you can't trust anymore, but someone that has MS that may have to lean on and trust you more.

If you aren't up for the challenge I can already see, because your no place to be found, that is easy and hurtful to see. But I don't need impatience, or your lack of knowledgeable advice!!

God has never left me and he is begging me to trust him to see me through this, and yes I can do this, for those of you that love me no matter what, your light is Shining so very bright!

I know you're with me on this MS fight. The rest well see you, enough time spent!!! Oh one more sorry..., sorry you don't like me now and your off the hook.

I'm off to battle what MS took.

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Sep 23, 2013
What MS took
by: Christyk

Thanks ! I figured others would understand

Oct 12, 2012
Loved it
by: Amanda

Your frustration about dealing with MS and your changes as well as people's changes around you are so true.

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