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The Anonymous MS Page

Your Anonymous MS Mask

Have you ever wished there was an Anonymous MS page where you could say exactly what you thought about MS?

A place where if you felt really bad, you could go and say it and just get it off your chest? 

Somewhere that no one would judge you or tell you, you shouldn't say that or you shouldn't think that way?

Where you could rant and not worry who actually saw it, because no one would know it was you?

Well, here is that place. And don't make it a place where you only visit once. You can come back again and again. Whenever you need to get something off your chest about multiple sclerosis. Come here.

Get it off your chest. Release it and then move on. Consider it therapy.

  • If you just need to tell someone how you're feeling right now. Say it. Tell us how. We won't mind.
  • If you just want to say that MS sucks and your life is miserable. Say it. Tell us how.
  • If you just want to tell MS to go away and leave you alone. Say it. Talk to your MS and then leave it here. Scream at your MS and then leave it here. Rant at your MS and then leave it here. 

Consider it the place to go when you need to get something out and no one is around to listen. Come here. Sometimes that's all it takes to help you feel a little better. Just someone to talk to, someone who understands and won't judge you, but will let you say what you need to say, when you need to say it.

I've often wished there was a place like this on a site like this that wouldn't mind if I vented a little. I'm not one to do a lot of yelling and screaming, but if I wanted the world to know how MS was treating me, but still keep my anonymity, I'd want a place like the Anonymous MS Page, to do it.

So consider this, your place. Use the form below to add your story and do it anonymously!

Do You Have an Anonymous Story to Share About MS?

Do you have a story you'd like to share about MS but would like to share it anonymously? Sometimes you just need to vent or rave, but you don't want everyone to know that it was you.

Well here is the place to share it - anonymously! Of course if you'd like to add your name, that's fine, as well. But if you'd feel more comfortable venting or raving without adding your name, then go for it.

We understand that venting and or raving may involve a certain amount of profanity - however, we ask that you keep this to a mild level or use alternative lettering to express what you have to say. Otherwise we may have to edit your comment to an acceptable level for our diverse audience.

Please, understand that if your story contains an excessive amount of profanity which cannot be edited in a way that will retain the gist of your rant, we may need to delete it entirely and ask you to re-submit, so keep this in mind as you make your submission.

Also, submissions of less than 300 words will also not be included. If you don't have much to say, please consider just making a comment to an already submitted contribution instead of just adding a short one or two sentence submission.

We want contributions to Life in Spite of MS to be of value to our visitors. And if there is something you've always wanted to say about MS, I'm sure you can think of at least three hundred words to get it off your chest. Go ahead, we can take it.)

What Other Visitors Have Said Anonymously

Click below to see contributions from other visitors to this page...

Agent Anonymous 
My journey has been long and arduous. I am hanging in there, though. It takes every ounce of my inner strength to get through each day. I have been …

My world with MS  
My life & My world with MS no filter needed.

But its Not You! 
"But it's not you," I hear him say, "it's my MS and it won't go away. Yes our daughter has it too... for it is "us", it is not you. How do I say I …

my thoughts of ms 
Started over 10 yrs ago. Numbness, tingling, walking funny. Now thanks to lesions in spine, I am wheelchair bound, left leg paralyzed, cant walk or stand. …

Whats Next????? 
I am a 35 year old house wife raising 4 children, ages(11,8,3,2). I have worked hard my whole life - starting working when I was 15 stopped working three …

34 year old man with MS - how embarrassing 
So I have had RRMS from about 4 years now, and all the normal symptoms are manageable for the most part, but the last year two things have really gotten …

Too Strong  
I have always been the glue that holds my family together. There is no room to be weak or feel sorry for myself because if I fall apart so will everyone …

Father and Son with MS 
I'm 43 and have primary progressive multiple sclerosis. I was diagnosed about 4 years ago. 2 years before me being diagnosed, my son, who at the time …

Click here to write your own.

Would you rather just share your story about MS? Then go here from the Anonymous MS page.

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