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Multiple Sclerosis Medicines

The multiple sclerosis medicines used to treat MS are almost as varied as the symptoms they treat. MS sufferers have such a large range of symptoms to deal with. No wonder the list of MS medicines is so long.

Although Cir has chosen to take more alternative treatments, we are still including this page. He has taken several of these MS medicines since being diagnosed. But right now - June of 2008 - he takes 3 of the multiple sclerosis medications on this list.

Update: As of 2024, Cir now takes 4 of the medications on the list below, one being Tysabri, and a couple that are for other medical issues he has. 

When you click on each link below, you will find a short description of each medication. If Cir used them, we will explain why he used them and for how long. We will also explain his reasons for no longer taking them.

multiple sclerosis medicines

Each person is different

Sometimes Cir's reasons for stopping a particular medicine were the adverse side effects. Each person is different. Everyone reacts to medicines differently. The important thing is to talk with your doctor or neurologist about your concerns. Make an informed decision along with him/her that's best for you.

Ultimately, you know your body. If you feel worse after taking a prescribed MS medicine, especially after giving it a reasonable amount of time, consider discontinuing it. Before stopping however, ask your neurologist if there is something else you can try. Don't suffer unnecessarily from the side effects.

MS causes enough pain. Find medications that you can tolerate. Your neurologist should be willing to work with you. Both you and s/he are a team; a partnership in your care. If s/he's not willing to listen to you, consider finding someone who does.

GP Neurologist or MS doctor

Work with your doctor

Again, we are not doctors or professionals. The information contained in these pages should be considered as information only. Consult with your doctor about any concerns or questions you may have. Together you can make decisions about what is right for you.

The list below contains some common multiple sclerosis medicines used to treat the many symptoms of MS. If you take any that are not on this list and would like to share them with us, use the contact form below. Let us know what symptom your MS medicine treats and if you've had any adverse side effects. If you've been able to tolerate it, share that also.

Also, if you have any comments about any of the multiple sclerosis medicines listed, please add them. We would be very happy to know your experiences and we're sure others would be glad to read them as well. 

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The List
of Multiple Sclerosis Medicines

* These 12 disease-modifying medications have been approved by the FDA for treating Relapsing-Remitting MS, Secondary-Progressive, and Progressive-Relapsing MS.

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Need Help with Your Medicines? 

If you need help with your multiple sclerosis medicines, try this resource - Needy Meds. They, along with the National MS Society, have put together a list of programs. These programs can help when you can't afford the medication you need.

Start your own list

Again, this list is by no means a complete one. There are many more multiple sclerosis medicines available than I have listed. Cir's general practitioner knows all of the medications he takes. This includes everything from each of his other doctors as well.

It is also a good idea to have a complete list of your current medications available whenever you go to the doctor. I try to update Cir's list every few months. Include each medication, the dose, and how many times you take it per day. If you do it on the computer you can print out a copy whenever you need to.

I would also include any vitamins and herbs you take also, because some herbal supplements can interact with some medications causing them to either not work well or work too well.

What are your MS Medicines? What Medicines Did You Use First? How Many Do You Use Now?

Add a list of the MS Medicines you use. If you can remember them in the order you started using them, then great. If not, that's alright too.

Your experiences with them may help others in determining whether or not they should ask their doctor about them.

Share your list of medicines right here!

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