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Want to search for Famous People with MS A-Z by their first or last name? You can do it here! Just click on the links below to take you to the page. Then scroll down the alphabetical list to locate who you are looking for.

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If you only know a first name, check that way. And if you know the last name, you can find them that way, too. Either way, they should be easy to find.

And if you know of any famous people who live with multiple sclerosis that are not on these lists, use the forms at the bottom of each page to add them to the list. Tell us who they are, and why they are famous.

You can even add a picture if you have one. Add as many interesting facts about them that you know. Make the article interesting for future visitors.

Meanwhile, click the links below to search each page. You'll find several on each page that have articles you can read. We'll be updating these, as well, so bookmark them and check back every once in awhile to see who's been added.

Have fun!

Famous People with MS
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