Famous People with MS Q-R

Here are Famous People with MS Q-R. You can scroll down and search by first as well as last name. And if you know of someone who should be added to this list, go ahead - fill in the form below and tell us about them.

The List of Famous People with MS Q-R


  • Queen, Richard - Iran hostage


  • Rachelle Breslow - author
  • Rhue, Madlyn - American character actress
  • Rich Warden – Race car Driver
  • Richard Berghammer - Wildlife Painter
  • Richard Cohen - journalist (married to actress Meridith Viera)
  • Richard Pryor - Comedian, author, actor
  • Richard Radtke - Scientist and Winner Presidential Award for Excellence in Science, Mathematics and Engineering
  • Richard Queen - Iran hostage
  • Robin Gurr – poet (see Robin Muir-Miller also)
  • Robin Muir-Miller (Australian poet), (see Robin Gurr also)
  • Robert "Wingnut" Weaver - Actor
  • Roberts, Keith - Novelist, short story writer, artist, and graphic designer
  • Roger MacDougall - British playwright
  • Roland 'Chubby' Cloutier - TV Entertainer
  • Roman Gabriel - American football player (Los Angeles Rams 1962-72)
  • Romney, Ann - Mitt Romney's wife
  • Ronald Rogers - Concert Pianist
  • Ronnie Lane - musician with The Faces (Rod Stewart's old band)

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Anne Rowling Not rated yet
Anne Rowling - Mother of J.K.Rowling - UK Author who has paid for a Neurological Research Clinic for MS and other diseases in Edinburgh, Scotland. It …

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