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We need your help! We think a survey is the best way to find out how to grow our site. We're continually building and updating, of course, but we'd like you to be a part of making us better.

We thank you in advance for filling out this form to help keep us focused on what you need and want. We built this site with you, our visitors, in mind. Our strength and effectiveness lies in how well we fulfill your needs.

There are two questions and a suggestion box. For each question, click all check boxes that apply to you. And if you'd like to add something, just fill in the suggestion box. 

  • Would you like more of something that we haven't thought of?
  • More pictures or cartoons?
  • More content more often?
  • An ebook? About what?
  • A podcast or radio show or personal videos?

Whatever, your suggestion, we thank you so much for your input. We appreciate every comment and suggestion, and we look forward to seeing what you have in mind. This site belongs to you, just as much as it does to us. 

We want you to enjoy coming back again and again. Each time finding something new and valuable to enhance and benefit you as a person living with MS. If it doesn't bring at least something to the table, then we haven't done our job and we want to know about it.

That's the only way we can improve for future visitors. And remain a viable resource for returning visitors. So, give us your suggestions, even if it's a weakness or something you feel is negative that maybe needs to be changed or removed all together. 

Be well and be safe,

Cir and Akrista

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