What Causes Multiple Sclerosis?

What causes multiple sclerosis has long been debated, discussed, and argued. Since the 1800's the cause has evaded scientists, doctors, and researchers. But even though no single cause has ever been found, several keep showing up as the possible reason someone might develop MS.

Sooo..., what causes multiple sclerosis?

It's been said that certain things in the environment cause it. Genetics has also been touted as the reason people get the disease. A virus that many people have in their bodies is another way researchers feel MS is likely to occur in certain individuals.

More recently hormones, or the lack of them, have also been studied as the possible cause for multiple sclerosis. Vitamin deficiency, specifically in the case of vitamins B 12 and D 3, have both been implicated as well.

(*Note: Vitamin D is actually a hormone modulator)

Stress and smoking are also possible causes in developing MS because for one most people with MS respond adversely to stress. And many people who smoke eventually develop the disease. There are recent studies implicating both, but the research for stress is weaker - although stress definitely exacerbates the symptoms people with MS have.

More than likely, the cause is a combination of two or more of the above factors. And that makes sense to me.

Possibly environmental factor and a gene or a virus that triggers the disease to develop in someone who is genetically susceptible. Everything has to be there in the right amounts to equal multiple sclerosis.

There may even be more than one disease that we now know as MS. Unfortunately, that would raise a whole other set of questions about all the people with MS who had it before we found that out. 

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Possible causes of multiple sclerosis

More clinical trials and studies are being done now, and will continue to be done in the future, to rule out or confirm each of these as a possible cause of MS. There has been great strides as, I believe, we get closer and closer to a cure for MS.

Many are reversing the affects of MS with stem cell therapy, diet, and other alternative treatments. Who knows. Maybe we'll work our way backward - first finding a way to permanently reverse it and then bumping into the exact cause of multiple sclerosis in the process.

Hopefully, soon, research will figure out the MyStery of what causes multiple sclerosis and you, Cir, nor anyone else, will have to deal with this dreaded disease for one day more than you absolutely have to.

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