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We have found several resources during the years and have included this page for you. We will update this page often, so check back as often as you can.

Here's what you'll find:

Books and Book Reviews

Books and Reviews

Are you looking for the book and reviews? Well we've moved them to their own home. Click the link to find Book Reviews. And there will also be a place for you to add your own!


MS in the News

MS in the news and current events about MS is what you will find in this section. A short explanation of promising treatments or studies. I am also including a link to the National MS Society. They are constantly on top of things when it comes to MS.

Research and Clinical Trials


Research, clinical trials is what you will find here. We will update this area frequently. If there is an upcoming event you would like us to list, please contact us here. Research & News updates are archived here. Clinical trials and events will be deleted after 60 days if no longer available.

Multi Media

Here you will find a list of educational videos for multiple sclerosis. DVDs, audio, podcasts, and other multimedia resources which we feel would be beneficial to you, our reader. We offer reviews and recommendations. Your suggestions are welcome, also. Please contact us here.

Pictures, Graphics, Images, Quotes

MS Art

This section is devoted to images of multiple sclerosis. We will also include a section of inspirational images and quotes. We would also welcome your help here, as well. Your contributions of photos, graphics, and images are greatly appreciated. Contact us here.

  • Multiple sclerosis pictures
  • Multiple sclerosis art
  • Inspirational poems
  • Inspirational quotes & images
  • Multiple sclerosis graphics

  • Articles and Stories

    What's Your Story

    There are many interesting articles about multiple sclerosis or that we feel you might benefit from reading as a person with MS. We also welcome your contributions and stories as well. We'd love to read your articles, poems, or stories.

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