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This Help for MSers page is our way of Paying it Forward to the MS community. Every once in a while you probably come across a website that really makes a difference in the lives of others. We hope that we do that in some ways as far as providing information and encouragement.

However, it's always nice to be able to help someone else monetarily, even if it's only a few dollars. Every little bit adds up even if just a few visitors are able to give. And if you can't give now, there may be another time when you are able to spare a bit to help someone else. 

The website Give Forward has been acquired by You Caring. Check out their blog and see if any of the stories moves you to give. I will try and keep this page updated as each one expires. You can always see if there are updates to each post and if they are still accepting donations.

We just thought this was a good way to "give" to someone else by getting the word out about each of the following stories. So follow each of the stories below to see if you can help out. And you may be able to start your own fundraiser if you need to one day.

Please look through each one and make note of the dates they begin and end. This will help you make your decision of which one (or more) you would like to make a contribution to. If a Help for MSers story ends in a few days, consider starting there first. 

Again, the site where you can help, should you choose to do so is called - - You'll find more fundraisers for MSers there as well.

If we all work together to help one another, what a wonderful world this would be. 

Take care,

Cir & Akrista

Your chance to provide help for MSers

Note: Unfortunately, I had to remove the widgets I'd found for MSers, however as soon as I figure out a way to bring them back, I will.

When you go to each website and do a search for "multiple sclerosis" to find fundraisers for people with MS. You Caring are great ways for each of us to help those around us in some small way. Even a word of encouragement will help. MS is not easy to live with especially on a day to day basis. It can be unpredictable, a roller coaster ride, one day and uneventful the next. 

These facts alone make it emotionally draining. Add that to the long list of symptoms that you may or may not experience on any given day, unless you live with it or with someone who has it, it's also impossible to relate. So take the time to search through the fundraisers here on Help for MSers. You may be able to help someone, even if it's just a little. All those little bits add up.

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Find more stories of people who live with MS. Go here from Help for MSers.

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