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Heroes with MS

Heroes with MS - who are they?

Who are these heroes with MS? Everyone has heroes in their lives. We see them everyday. Live with them. Work with them.

  • Someone who lives with something that has caused them pain or suffering and comes out on the other side stronger.
  • Someone who has a heart that has overcome adversity and has persevered through it all. 
  • Someone who wakes up every morning knowing that they will have to face another day of uncertainty, yet still manages to meet the day with a smile for someone they love.

Courage is their middle name. Nothing can keep them down, not even a disease like multiple sclerosis.

These heroes with MS are:

  • People you love
  • People you care about
  • They are your mother
  • Your father
  • Your sister
  • Your brother
  • Your friend
  • Your aunt
  • Your uncle
  • Your cousin
  • Your neighbor
  • Your child

They are the grocery store clerk or your car mechanic. You have known them all your life. You watch them everyday as they bravely cope with the many symptoms that MS throws their way. And everyday they come out fighting. Whether they see MS as the MonSter or the MyStery; they've learned to deal with it.

They've learned to navigate the storm that can sometimes threaten to and even succeed in throwing them overboard. But they always manage to find the lifeboat and get back on board. They are our heroes and they are always there for us. We try in our own limited way to make things easier for them. And they always manage to inspire us with their strength and courage.

This page - Heroes of MS - is for each and every one of them. Join with us and help us tell their stories. We will all benefit from their triumphs. Their courage. Their hope. They master the skills they've learned to deal with MS from day to day.

They share those skills with others, especially the newly diagnosed. Giving back in their own way, so that they won't have to make this journey alone. They help each other through the pain that no one else understands. When they look in each others eyes, they see themselves.

We would do well to take on their strength as they tackle yet another symptom, that to most people would be impossible to handle. Yet they do, and we support them. We stand beside them. We stand behind them when necessary. We stand with them so they will always know they aren't alone.

Who is Your MS Hero?

We all have heroes in our lives. We'd love to hear about yours. Someone who lives their life in spite of MS. Someone you admire and care about.

We'd love to hear about them. Knowing how they cope with their illness, can help others learn to deal with MS as well.

So go for it! Share your story about the hero in your life.

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