The Chevron Manager - Scott Osborne

by Stephanie
(current- South California)

Before I was diagnosed, but when I knew there was definitely something wrong with me - I lived in San Francisco in an area called St. Francis Wood.

I was young, 34 with two boys under the age of 3, and I had extreme cognition problems. I went into the St. Francis Wood gas station four maybe 5 times to order a new gas cap.

I guess I continually drove away with my gas cap on the top of the car. Anyway, when I was about to order my 4th or 5th, Scott came out and said,

"You know if you have some distractions or anything, I can help you. Just tell my guys and they'll pump it or get me and I'll pump it".

Well, I was mortified and in tears. He confided in me that a family member also had an 'invisible' disability and that it was extremely difficult for that person to deal with it. That I should not be embarrassed or ashamed - and that he GET'S IT!

I have wanted to thank this man for YEARS. It was the beginning of my MS but his compassion has never been forgotten. Thank you for this opportunity!

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