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Cir's 5 Year Tysabri Update

Hi Dear Vistor, A quick update on Cir's Tysabri journey. As you can see from the title of this post, Cir has been taking it for about 5 years now. We

Continue reading "Cir's 5 Year Tysabri Update"

The Starch Solution

The Starch Solution

Continue reading "The Starch Solution"

Slight Decline

Eyes fall from above, Looks intended to show love. Missed connections brought to light, Body and brain continue to fight. Look down, heart pound Grass

Continue reading "Slight Decline"

Plant-Based Diet

A plant based diet and MS is not a new thing. To the contrary, it has been around for several years.

Continue reading "Plant-Based Diet"

MS and COVID19

Wondering about MS and COVID19? Here is a video to answer your questions by the National MS Society.

Continue reading "MS and COVID19"

A Vaccine for MS

A vaccine for MS is currently in the works. Wouldn't it be great if there were a vaccine that could prevent and possibly reverse MS? Find out about it here.

Continue reading "A Vaccine for MS"

Balancing MS

The balancing act of life with no balance. Adjusting to PPMS with tragic optimism. Since being diagnosed, I have thought a lot about the duality of

Continue reading "Balancing MS"

Downloading Songs

Hi! Fans, when you download any of my songs, all proceeds go to Life in spite of MS. Thanks alot for being a fan, I sure do appreciate it. Vince

Continue reading "Downloading Songs"

Cir's 4th Tysabri Update

Cir's 4th infusion of Tysabri went well. No video again - hopefully next time. Also, no adverse reactions and still on an uphill as far as feeling more

Continue reading "Cir's 4th Tysabri Update"

MS Poll of the Month

Here's your MS Poll of the Month! Come by and take a new poll every month. Find out what others have answered from past polls. Come on, it'll be fun!

Continue reading "MS Poll of the Month"

Thank you, Montel, very much!

I watched your blender ad a few years ago and was impressed. I had no idea you had a medical condition you were grappling successfully with at the time.

Continue reading "Thank you, Montel, very much!"

Mothers of Tacoma Washington Next Chapter Family

Dear Mr Montel Williams, I am writing to you on behalf of our single homeless moms in Tacoma, Washington - the moms of Next Chapter Family, that opened

Continue reading "Mothers of Tacoma Washington Next Chapter Family"

Agent Anonymous

My journey has been long and arduous. I am hanging in there, though. It takes every ounce of my inner strength to get through each day. I have been challenged

Continue reading "Agent Anonymous"

Top Ten at Life in Spite of MS

Top Ten at Life in Spite of MS, Top 10 Pages, 10 Most Visited - Here you'll find the 10 Top Pages on our site! Check them out!

Continue reading "Top Ten at Life in Spite of MS"

CCSVI is Ineffective Update

CCSVI is ineffective according to Dr Zamboni. He recently published a paper in JAMA, showing that, after doing a double blind study, CCSVI doesn't work.

Continue reading "CCSVI is Ineffective Update"

When MS knocks at your door

Life comes with many opportunities, it all depends on one’s choice on how to design or weave it. You either choose to fight or surrender, this is a story

Continue reading "When MS knocks at your door"

With great admiration

Hi Steven - Up in the middle of the night and couldn’t get back to sleep. Got my cellphone and started bopping around EBay. I tend to have a unique chain

Continue reading "With great admiration "

Other Drugs and MS

If you take other drugs for other conditions or symptoms besides MS, then you may run into problems, especially if those drugs are addicting.

Continue reading "Other Drugs and MS"

MS Awareness Shop

The MS Awareness Shop is where you'll find all those accessories to create awareness of multiple sclerosis, one mug at a time

Continue reading "MS Awareness Shop"

MS Jewelry Shop

Our MS Jewelry Shop is where you can find pins, bracelets, pendants, and more - jewelry with a multiple sclerosis theme.

Continue reading "MS Jewelry Shop"

My VoxxLife Socks

Here's My VoxxLife Socks Story...., so far. If socks are your thing, then you're in for a treat when you hear my story.

Continue reading "My VoxxLife Socks"

Recently diagnosed

Hi Montel, I've just been diagnosed with RRMS. I was looking at the medications the other night and the side effects scare me. I was just wondering if

Continue reading "Recently diagnosed"

Thoughts of you

How could I have thought How could I've ever known That when I first laid my eyes upon you That my feelings would be so strong Strong and what I believe

Continue reading "Thoughts of you"

Steven Mueller

A new book about our lives, available in March 2019: https://youtu.be/0dLRGjD357A

Continue reading "Steven Mueller"

MS Dropout

My ms story started very early in my childhood. I always knew there was something wrong with my health, even when no one believed me. The headaches I experienced

Continue reading "MS Dropout"

Get a hobby, I do videos

Since my brother has had MS he does videos with his dog, he is an amazing trainer and his dog is super smart. View videos on YouTube, they are funny and

Continue reading "Get a hobby, I do videos"

Live with purpose

Every time I see an interview that someone has done with you, I find it very inspiring. I love that you live your life with purpose and intention. The

Continue reading "Live with purpose"

Thank you Montel and a request

I am a volunteer veterans advocate in upstate New York. I want to say thank you for your service to our country. My late husband was a Navy Vietnam veteran

Continue reading "Thank you Montel and a request"


After being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and having a terrible accident that severely damaged the use of my left hand, I found my therapy through

Continue reading "Colors"

New Single

My new single is Statue Of A Fool. Vince Smith Reply: That's great, Vince! Thanks so much for letting our visitors know. I am sure they will find it

Continue reading "New Single"

This is Your Interview

This is Your Interview Page - You can interview your loved one, family or friend - about their MS.

Continue reading "This is Your Interview "

Meet Steven Mueller and his Wife Angie

Meet Steven Mueller and his wife, Angie. Unlike most couples, they both have MS and have agreed to share their story.

Continue reading "Meet Steven Mueller and his Wife Angie"

Want to help with MS research?

Hello, My name is Madeline and I work for a consumer insights agency based in Brooklyn, NY. We are currently conducting research about the MS caregiver

Continue reading "Want to help with MS research?"

19 years living with MS

The hopes and dreams for my life changed forever on that fateful day in May 1999 when I was diagnosed with MS. I can still hear the words the neurologist

Continue reading "19 years living with MS"

As a Spouse Caregiver

As a Spouse Caregiver of someone with MS, the time spent in this role can be overwhelming, as much as it is a blessing.

Continue reading "As a Spouse Caregiver"

MS brought out the Artist in me

Hello again! It's been a long time ... but I was one of your interviews (just saw myself on your page). You came up in my Google search ... so we meet

Continue reading "MS brought out the Artist in me"

LiSoMS Videos

All the LiSoMS Videos in one place! You can find them all right here. Cir's vlogs, yes, that's right - he's vlogging! Let us know how you like them.

Continue reading "LiSoMS Videos"

Thank you, Montel!

...You are a true inspiration to many of us. As for as whom will read this and respond I will thank you all. Hello, my name is Casey Raines, I have MS!

Continue reading "Thank you, Montel!"

Stem Cell Therapy 101

Stem Cell Therapy for MS, or SVF, is a treatment that many people wish they could get. The results have been very positive for those who are able to afford it.

Continue reading "Stem Cell Therapy 101"

MS Recipe

The MS Recipe - what exactly is it? For those who already use essential oils, you may already know. For those who don't, read on...

Continue reading "MS Recipe"

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