Cir's 4th Tysabri Update

Cir's 4th infusion of Tysabri went well. No video again - hopefully next time. Also, no adverse reactions and still on an uphill as far as feeling more energetic. I feel (we both do) like things will continue to get better the longer he's on the medication.

We met another Tysabri patient and she had just come back after having a baby (her third). Her plan would be to take a pregnancy test before coming in for each infusion. If it was negative, she would come in, if positive, she would forgo the infusion. This is what had happened 9 months earlier.

She was off the medication for each of her children and for a few weeks afterward while she nursed the babies. She has been on Tysabri for 11 years and looks great. I'm not sure if she had any mobility problems, however, the day we saw her, she wasn't using a cane or walker.

I know that pregnancy is "good" for women when it comes to multiple sclerosis symptoms. However, I can't help but wonder if the Tysabri also played a hand in how well she's doing afterward.

I do hope that Cir does well on this medication and the JC virus stays at bay. So far so good... Update next month :)

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