Life in Spite of MS Shop Gallery

Welcome to the Shop Gallery of our New Life in Spite of MS Shop! Here is just a small sampling of the items we have available.

  • Do you feel that MS Sucks? If you answered yes, then check out our "MS Sucks" item selections, straight to you from MS MouSe!
  • If you are > (Greater Than) your MS, you'll love the "Greater Than" item selections. 
  • And if you would like to show your love and support for Life in Spite of MS, we have items with our logo available.
MS Sucks Apparel Tees
MS Sucks Apparel Tees by LifeinSpiteofMSShop
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> Greater Than MS Apparel Shirts
> Greater Than MS Apparel Shirts by LifeinSpiteofMSShop
Shop for Greaterthan T-Shirts online at

Hope you like the items listed here and will check out the rest of the items available in our shop. You'll find more versions of each design, so click on the links below each image and be sure and bookmark and share our shop with your family and friends.

We'll be adding more items weekly and if there is something you would like to see, contact us and let us know. We'll be glad to make a design just for you!

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