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MS Awareness Shop

MS Awareness Shop

You've found the MS Awareness Shop. Take a look and see if there's anything you need or like to create awareness about multiple sclerosis, one mug at a time. There are also water bottles, blankets, a tote bag, an ornament, stickers, magnets, a notebook, or a poster to choose from. 

If you follow the links, I'm sure you'll find many more items that would help you spread awareness about MS. I'm not much of a printed t-shirt wearer, however, I will drink from a mug or water bottle that shows my support for someone I love.

As I've stated elsewhere on this site, it amazes me that so many people still don't know about MS. They think it's something like muscular dystrophy, or some other similar, not as rare condition. MS isn't rare, of course, however, and most people know someone with multiple sclerosis.

Even then, they still don't know what it is unless they have someone close to them - such as a loved one or close friend - who has it. Even with a loved one having multiple sclerosis, you still need to learn about the disease to fully understand it.

couple together

The only ones who fully understand it are those who actually have it and live with it everyday. And a close second, are the caregivers, those who live with a loved one and watch them go through it everyday. Supporting them means seeing the world through their eyes. Walking in their shoes. Feeling their pain by being empathetic.

Learn how to step up for them when others don't get it. Learn how to be an advocate in any situation. Learn to be their arms or legs, their eyes - whatever they need. I know it may seem a little cliche, however, just think of what you would need if you were in your loved ones place. What would you need from them.

Okay, I need to get off my soap box now and give you a chance to look through the items below.

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The MS Awareness Shop

Soo, were you able to find a mug, t-shirt, stickers, or some temporary tattoos, by searching through any of the links above? I especially like the Support Squad t-shirt and might head over to check one out. At least the items in the MS awareness shop are sure to be conversation starters. A way to tell anyone who asks what multiple sclerosis is.

They would be perfect for fun outings or get togethers. And the temporary tattoos would be great at an MS Support Squad party...., hmm, that's an interesting idea. Or the next time you plan to do an MS Walk or run, pick out one of these items to wear or carry in the case of a water bottle.

Anyway, we hope you were able to find something you liked in the shop. Head back over to the other shops for more ideas if this is the first place you landed. There's also a jewelry shop and a book shop, to name just a couple - so there's a lot to choose from to let others know that you care and support them in every way possible.

Other MS Shops @ Life in Spite of MS

Hopefully you'll find something you like or would like to share with someone in your life who has MS. Also, some of the items would make great gifts for birthdays, Christmas, Anniversaries, graduations, or more. You may even want to bookmark this page so you can come back to it later.

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