An Angel on the Second Floor

by Robert Thompson
(Huntsville Alabama, USA!)

I met her about two years ago. Just in passing where we work. She stays busy with her work of assisting births so anytime I've spoke to her has been on the fly-we work on different shifts except when I work over. I don't have a clinical job, I work in maintenance.

I only see her at breaks or when her shift ends. A friend told me that she had MS too. I new she was in demand with a stressful job and I felt like she would have good advice. And over time, we became friends.

Last March my wife left me and my friend new that I was devastated. I saw her one day at the end of her shift and she could see my pain with my gait and eyes that were holding back a flood of tears. She, with a kind voice, she usually spoke in a tough tone, told me I would get through this.

Her words of encouragement have echoed through my spirit ever since. "You WILL GET THROUGH THIS! I hear her words whenever I think I'm whipped! She is my MS Hero.

Lately she hasn't felt well and I think she is having a flare up. I hope that anyone who reads this hears my plea and offers a fleeting moments prayer for her.

She is my MS Hero! TOUGH little Liz. A MOM, a WIFE, a Dedicated worker who would fight hell with a bucket for her patients, and a lady I'm Proud to call Friend.

And the old saying is TRUE!!! There ARE ANGELS AMONG US!!! I know one that works on the second floor!

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