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MS radio

Do you listen to some type of MS Radio show? If you do, you know how enlightening it can be. Words are great, and have their place when reading isn't a problem.

I'm sure, though, that when ever you run across a show you can listen to, you jump at the chance. It's more personal; more in the moment. Although we don't have a radio show, we do have a few videos and intend to make more soon.

In the meanwhile, here we will add links to or embedded radio shows for you to listen to and take advantage of if you choose. This first one is for new mommies with MS. Keep checking back as we find more, we will add them.

Enjoy Tahirah's MS Mommies Blog Talk Radio show and let us know what you think. You'll love listening to the stories of other MS moms - how they cope with the disease and raise their children. Hopefully the interviews will help you decide if you want to have children with MS. Or if you already have it, you can learn tips for making your family and your relationship better while dealing with multiple sclerosis.

Here are a few more radio shows and podcasts that feature people living with MS and interviews with famous people with MS. I'm not sure podcasts are the same as radio or vice versa, because we do have a page dealing with podcasts as well. 

Not sure if radio is on the way out, however, I do think that public radio, podcasts, vlogs, and videos, may be replacing it for the most part. I do love radio, especially when I'm driving in the car. NPR is one of my favorite radio shows. 

It's in the list below, so you'll be able to replay some of their past radio shows that dealt with multiple sclerosis. We hope you enjoy listening and if you know of any other radio shows dealing specifically with MS, please let us know.

More MS Radio shows and podcasts

Multiple Sclerosis Radio

Multiple Sclerosis - NPR

Multiple Sclerosis Podcasts - Overcoming MS

YEG MS - Multiple Sclerosis Podcast by creator of Own Multiple

If you'd like more like this, contact us here. We like listening to them as well. Enjoy!

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