Famous People with MS UVW

Here are Famous People with MS UVW. You can either search by first name or last name. And if you know of someone who's not on this list, you can use the form at the bottom to add them.

List of Famous People with MS UVW



  • Valerie Jankowski Skrabut - artist and musician
  • van Vliet, Don - American musician, singer, songwriter, and artist, aka Captain Beefheart
  • Victor Willing - Artist
  • Vince Smith - Country singer who had a hit record with a song called "My Annette" after his friend and idol Annette Funicello - Now he has MS
  • Vincent, Norah – Journalist

  • W
  • Waldman, Jackie - Author and motivational speaker
  • Walker, Clay - Country and western singer
  • Wallace, Danny - Soccer Player
  • Wallace, Danny - Ex Southampton and Manchester United Footballer
  • Walter Williams 1 and Part 2 - Musician and Founding member of the O'Jays
  • Ward, Clifford T. - Singer/songwriter
  • Warden, Rich – Race car Driver
  • Wayne Dobson - magician
  • Weaver, Robert "Wingnut" - Actor
  • Weder, Maggie - Golfer
  • Weis, Cathy - Dancer
  • Wellstone, Paul - US Senator, Minnesota
  • Wendy Carol Roth - Television producer, writer and Advocate for the Disabled
  • Wendy Lill - Canadian Politician
  • Willey, Paul - Virtual Golf Champion
  • William Hartnell - British actor (the first Doctor Who)
  • William Newman - artist
  • Williams, Montel - Talk show host and actor
  • Williams, Walter - Musician pioneer and Founder of the O'Jays
  • Willing, Victor - Artist
  • Wolfskehl, Paul - 19th century German industrialist and amateur mathematician

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