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Meet Vince J Smith!

Vince Smith and Annette Funicello

Vince J Smith, a country singer-songwriter, is probably best associated with his long time friend, Annette Funicello. As a tribute to her, he wrote “My Annette”, which became a hit song then and is still loved by many today. There are two versions – the original and the remake, which has more of a country sound.

Vince, born March 20, 1943, began his recording career at the age of 41, along with his brother, Rick, in 1984. They recorded in the same studio where Elvis Presley got his start, the old Sun Records Studio, then known as the Sam Phillips Recording Studio in Memphis, Tennesee. They had several hit songs, one “I Don't Want to Be Alone”, was written by Rick, as well as another called, “Old Country Love Song”.

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The same year marks the beginning of his battle with multiple sclerosis as well, although he wasn't diagnosed with it until later. He is doing well, and the MS is controlled, most likely thanks to his wonderful wife, Lorraine, and the music that has been such an integral part of his life.

More Hits

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He has many other hit songs, a few of them are:

  • “It Would Still Be Worth It”
  •  “Fire”
  •  “I Need You Tonight”
  • “For The First Time”
  •  “Don't Touch Me”

After signing with Hearttake Song Records in Nashville, TN., he met Carol Redo, who was one of his backup singers, before he asked her to become his partner. Their voices blended so well together and they recorded several songs which also became hits.

The following are songs which he recorded with Carol that became hits:

  • “Oh! For the Love”
  • “Enough of You”
  • “Feeling Good” (written by Bob Stamper)
  • “No Letter Today”
  • “Let Me Go Lover” (their biggest hit)

Stay in Touch with Vince J Smith

As you know, when you have MS, each day can be a challenge. However, Vince has continued to share his wonderful songs whenever he is able. He maintains several sites and stays in touch with fans and visitors, by answering mail, emails, and comments. (These links will open a new window).

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