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Famous People with MS C-D

Looking for Famous People with MS C-D? You've come to the right place! Search through the list either by first or last name. And use the handy form at the bottom of the page to add anyone we may have missed.


  • Carl Laemmle, Jr. - Film producer and son of the founder of Universal Studios
  • Carlos Hathcock - Marine Sniper
  • Cathy Weis – Dancer
  • Cavuto, Neil - Lead anchor on Fox News Channel
  • Cervenka, Exene - American Punk Rock Musician with the band X
  • Charlie Courtauld - British newspaper columnist - independent on Sunday
  • Chris Wright - Basketball Player - Dallas Mavericks - 1rst NBA player with MS
  • Chrissie Amphlett, or Chrissy - lead singer of 'The Divinyls'
  • Christina Applegate - American Actress
  • Clay Walker - Country and western singer
  • Chrystal Gomes - Stand up comedian
  • Cindy O'Connor - Poet
  • Clifford T.Ward – Singer/songwriter
  • Cloutier, Roland 'Chubby' - TV Entertainer
  • Coghlan, Donal - Singer/songwriter
  • Cohen, Richard - Journalist (married to actress Meridith Viera)
  • Creed Archer, Jacqueline - Civil rights activist
  • Crepax, Guido - Italian comic
  • Coman, Sean - (Sean Donahue) - Californian disk jockey
  • Coscione, Luca - Italian Politician
  • Cuthbert, Betty - Olympic Gold Medalist, Sprinting


  • Dan Carnevale - American Footballer
  • Danny Wallace - Soccer Player
  • Danny Wallace - Ex Southampton and Manchester United Footballer
  • David Humm - NFL quarterback, Oakland Raiders
  • David "Squiggy" LanderPart 2, and his book, Fall Down Laughing - Actor, comedian, composer, musician
  • David Osmond - Son of Alan Osmond, member of The Osmonds: Second Generation, contestant on American Idol - 2009
  • David "Teddy" Thomas – Cricketer
  • Davis, Deanna - Basketball player and coach
  • Davis, Denise - Singer
  • Davis, Nancy - Philanthropist - Race to Erase MS Foundation and Center Without Walls Program
  • Dean Singleton - Newspaper Magnate
  • Deanna Davis - Basketball player and coach
  • Deborah Bruening - writer
  • Deborah Downey - Cabaret Performer
  • Denise Davis – Singer
  • D'Este, Sir Augustus Frederic - (1794-1848) - grandson of King George III of England, 1st documented case of MS
  • Diana Markham - Novelist
  • Diana Neutze - Author, poet, bloggerDidion, Joan - American writer
  • Dino Ferrari - Ferrari automobiles
  • Dobson, Tamara - African American model and actress, "Cleopatra Jones" and Cleopatra Jones and the Casino of Gold" (1947-2006)
  • Dobson, Wayne - magician
  • Don van Vliet - American musician, singer, songwriter, and artist, aka Captain Beefheart
  • Donal Coghlan - singer/songwriter
  • Donna Fargo - Country music singer and songwriter
  • Downey, Deborah - Cabaret Performer
  • Downey, Khiawatha - American Footballer
  • Doug Robinson - Novelist
  • DuBois, Frank - New Mexico Secretary of Agriculture 1989-, champion teamroper
  • Dubois, Marie - Parisian born French actress, (1937-2014)
  • Dupuis, Michel - Canadian football player (linebacker for Ottawa, Winnipeg & Toronto)
  • Duval, Michael R. - Investment Banker and White

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That's it for Famous People with MS C-D, unless you know a few more. Fill in the form below if you know of someone who needs to be added to this list. 

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