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Meet Chrissie Amphlett

by Rachael Thomas
(Burnham, Buckinghamshire, UK)

Chrissie Amphlett

Chrissie Amphlett

She was the lead singer of 'The Divinyls' (band who had 'When I think about you I touch myself' fame - Number 1s world-wide.)

She starred in the Australian leg of 'The Boy From Oz' as Judy Garland.

She is extremely famous and well-loved in Australia for her feisty attitude and sexy schoolgirl 1980's outfits! She has always been a hero of mine.

Taken from the Sydney Morning Herald early this year:

    'Divinyls' Chrissy Amphlett hit by MS (December 7, 2007)

    Australian rock queen Chrissy Amphlett has revealed she suffers from the brain and spinal cord disease multiple sclerosis.

    Speaking on the Nine Network's A Current Affair program, the Divinyls lead singer said she was diagnosed with the disease about five years ago.

    But she had kept her illness secret from everyone but her husband.

    When first told of her condition, she panicked, Amphlett said.

    "I was very angry," she said.

    "I was terrified because there's no road map. There's no predictability. You are living with uncertainty. The only certainty is uncertainty."

    Amphlett said she had stopped drinking 11 years ago and did not want people to link her condition with the way she had lived her life in the past.

    "There's plenty of people that have not lived the life I have lived that have MS," she said.

    Amphlett said the first signs of MS started in the late 1980s.

    "I just thought it was dehydration and then it didn't
    happen for a while," she said.

    "Then the next time, during the Boy From Oz, one of my legs in the last dream scene would start to wobble."

    "There were these bits and pieces in between, little moments, falling over in restaurants."

    Amphlett said although she had been affected for about 20 years, her physical disability became problematic about five years ago.

    "We still don't know how you get it, they say you get it by something, some virus, outside ourselves ... but I have a predisposition obviously."

    Amphlett said to her husband that he had "married a dud" and offered him the choice to divorce her.

    "I said: 'If you want to divorce me you can now because I don't want you to waste your life'," she said.

    "I felt all those things and I didn't want to be a burden. He said: 'Chrissie, this is life and life happens'."

    Amphlett said she was secretive about her illness because she didn't want to be a burden.

    "It's not a life sentence and I've learnt a lot," she said.

    "The self image thing has been a little bit difficult to deal with, in that I'm not perfect."

    Amphlett said walking to the shop was something she could no longer do.

    "Some days I can't get out of bed."


*Here is the link to the original article.

And here is a video of one of her most popular songs in the 1990's.

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Aug 08, 2015
Such a waste
by: James

My wife is currently struggling with MS. And while her lesions have disappeared thanks to the injections she's taking, I always worry that this will be her fate eventually.

As a big fan of 80's music…every time I hear a Divinyls song I tear up, because that's all I can think of.


Mar 17, 2015
by: catherine dsousa

Divinlys - I still remember this band. Especially the great Chrissie Amphlett. She was the best in the band. Her voice is still in my heart. I am so sad when she was hospitalized. Life is like this - it has some turns and twists that will change us.

Sep 09, 2012
Hi Chrissie
by: Jenni

Hi, my name is Jenni.

I live in Brisbane QLD. Firstly want to say I am sorry to hear that you are living with MS. I am 52 in December and am STILL! One of yours and The Divinyls BIGGEST fans.

I lived in Melbourne in the early 80's and we flew down to Tasmania to see you in concert. To this day, still the best concert I have been to. You were fabulous on "Rockwiz", actually only watched it 'cause my daughter had rang me to let me know you were a guest.

You voice is still incredible and you look gorgeous. Please come up to Brisbane soon for a concert, health permitting. Please do a tour, and bring it to Brisbane.

Thank you for the great music, take care.

Apr 23, 2012
Help! MS sufferer
by: Anonymous

I have MS. I live in NZ. Your symptoms are very similar to mine. What is the name of the doctor that treated you. My email is chrissyadams1@xtra.co.nz please reply soon.

Nov 12, 2011
Meeting Chrissy in Brisbane Mall 1st Nov 2011
by: Karen Abrahamson

Two days before Nov 1 I sent a vid of the Divinyls to a friend (on FB)for his birthday, I posted one to my page too... today while walking along the Brisbane Mall I saw a woman, slight in build with flaming red hair... she walked past me clad in black leather coat and knee high boots.

The name Chrissy Amphlett popped into my mind... I turned around to stare as she walked away... suddenly I felt drawn to go speak to this woman. She was walking very slowly so I caught up to her easily and said 'excuse me but is your name Chrissy'... she grinned and hesitated. Her eyes looking deeply at me and we both grinned as I realised I was right.

I was aware that she is surviving cancer too (but didn't know about the MS)she was so gracious and we had a heart to heart, speaking of lessons learnt and love, hugged, wished each other well and went on with our day... Bless you Chrissy Amphlett wild woman of rock!

Oct 27, 2011
by: SteveEEE

I send Love and Blessings to You Chrissy Amphlett, @ the "Festival in Cali" in the 80's, You opened the show with a Breathtaking Performance and everything after that was somehow " a step down".

You, Young Lady, have been "UnderFire" with these and other Personal Issues, and STILL "Rise to the Top". It's Yours SweetHeart, Victory, and I Hope and Pray Peace has found it's way to Your Heart!!!

Remember, if You EVER get to the NW in the US, You won't have to ask twice!!

Always in your Corner,

(You still take my Breath away)!!

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