Famous People with MS E-F

Here are the Famous People with MS E-F.

This page is dedicated to Famous People with MS E-F. If you know of someone who should be added to this list, fill in the form at the bottom of this page and tell us about them. If you have a picture, add that, too.

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  • Elizabeth Jameson - artist
  • Elyse, Laurie - designer/artist
  • Emily Mann - director and playwright
  • Eric Simons - mountaineer
  • Ernie McAlister - US Politician
  • Exene Cervenka - American Punk Rock Musician with the band X
  • Eve Hayes - actress


  • Fargo, Donna - Country music singer and songwriter
  • Fausto Rocha - Brazilian TV Actor
  • Ferrari, Dino - Ferrari automobiles
  • Finelli, Judy - Accomplished Juggler, member of Pickle Family Circus, and one of the creators of the Naked Clown Calendar
  • Fiona MacTaggart - British Politician (Labour MP for Slough)
  • Forbes, Bryan - actor, writer, director (married to Nanette Newman)
  • Frank DuBois - New Mexico Secretary of Agriculture 1989-, champion teamroper
  • Fraser Robinson III - First Lady-Elect Michelle Obama's father
  • Fred Hughes - Andy Warhol's financeer and manager
  • Frieda Inescort - actress
  • Frimkess, Michael - Potter
  • Funicello, Annette - Singer, dancer, former Mouseketeer

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