Famous People with MS I-J

Famous People with MS

This page, Famous People with MS I-J - contains a list of those whose first or last names begin with the letters I through J. Scroll down to look through the list and see who's there, and you are welcome to add to it by scrolling to the very bottom where you can find a form to add anyone not on the list that should be here.

Famous People with MS I-J

  • Iman Ali - Pakistani actress and model
  • Inescort, Frieda - actress
  • Irvine, Brian - Scottish soccer player
  • Ivalio Iordanov - Bulgarian International soccer player

  • J
  • Jackie Bertone - percussionist for Beach Boys
  • Jackie Waldman - Author and motivational speaker
  • Jacqueline Creed Archer - Civil rights activist
  • Jacqueline du Pre - cellist
  • James LaRocca - Guitarist
  • James Scofield - poet
  • Jameson, Elizabeth - Artist
  • Jamie-Lynn Sigler - Actress, singer, Meadow Soprano
  • Jankowski Skrabut, Valerie - artist and musician
  • Javier Artero - Spanish soccer player
  • Jeffrey Gingold - Lawyer, Author of Mental Sharpening Stones
  • Jennifer Huget - Washington Post journalist
  • Jim Oelschlager - financier and philanthropist (Founded the Oak Clinic - clicking link opens a new window)
  • Jim Poulin - Basketball Coach
  • Jimmy Heuga - Olympic skier
  • Joan Didion - American writer
  • John Hicklenton - Comic Artist - Judge Dredd
  • John Medica - Canadian Actor
  • John Mythen - Cartoonist and writer
  • John Pageler - Author
  • John Robson - Footballer
  • Johnny Killen - 1960s singer
  • Jonathan Katz - Comedian and Actor
  • Jordan, Barbara - Congress woman, professor, civil rights activist
  • Joseph Hartzler - Chief prosecutor for the Oklahoma bombing case
  • Josh HardingCanadian ice hockey goaltender for the Iowa Wild - American Hockey League (AHL)
  • Josiah Edward "Jed" Bartlet, PhD - fictional character, President on TV series, West Wing
  • Judy Finelli - Accomplished Juggler, member of Pickle Family Circus, and one of the creators of the Naked Clown Calendar
  • Judy Graham - Author
  • Judy Grahn - poet

We hope you enjoyed going through this list, and again, you are welcome to add to it. Just use the form below to add your page. Tell us about the famous person who has MS and should be on this list.

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