But its Not You!

by Andrea B
(Qld, Australia)

"But it's not you," I hear him say, "it's my MS and it won't go away. Yes our daughter has it too... for it is "us", it is not you.

How do I say I am crumbling inside. The pain in my heart and the private tears that I cry. I want to make it all better, but I am dying inside... I want to scream and say, "but it is me, as well as, I stay by your side".

I am scared for the future. I don't want to see either of you sick. For my husband and child this is more than I can bare, to see you both at the DRs and just me standing there.

I feel my world has crumbled, so helpless and blue, but those words ring in my head... It is me its not you.

So how do you tell the ones you love..., that your heart is broken and there is no where to hide, this is my life and I'm broken inside.
I want to take it all away. The hurt, pain, and fear... The unknown tomorrows. The pain that I hear.

When you said, "but it is me, it's not you", for the pain that I feel you haven't a clue.
My heart broke when it was you, but now our beautiful daughter, and then there were two.
"My baby", I scream... "why??" My heart now shattered beyond repair... I love you more than anything in the world, and... I care .

For this is not you, but it is me... you were wrong, it is we.
For I will be there each step of the way, and pray for a cure each and every day.

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Jul 06, 2014
Blood Type and Candida Diets
by: Anonymous

Try the Eat Right for Your Type Diet in conjunction with the Candida diet - possibly Candida gone systemic.

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