34 year old man with MS - how embarrassing

by Joe

So I have had RRMS from about 4 years now, and all the normal symptoms are manageable for the most part, but the last year two things have really gotten me upset.

1. I inexplicably started wetting the bed. Who does that at 34? It is so random too - doesn't correlate to the injection loacation, alcohol, day of the week, bed time. It is so frustrating.

2. Erectile dysfunction. WTF? I am 34, in love with my beautiful wife, but it is a chore when we try to have sex. If I can get an erection (with drugs) I can have an orgasm. Seriously - WTF?

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May 27, 2013
Don't be embarrassed!
by: Anonymous

Well, I'm a woman with MS and as of yet, have no sexual dysfunction, other than fatigue or just generally being bitchy (lol, and that's not MS). However..., my husband does, and he doesn't HAVE MS. I hope being anonymous means there is no way in hell he will ever see this! Here's my point, any relationship can have this struggle, and most will eventually. Beat yourself up about something else.

I love my husband very much and we have an AMAZING sex life. The blue pills are a must, so do whatever you can, but there are "other" things available and fun also. Your wife can find these things easily. Open communication, honesty, and the desire to meet each others needs, is all it takes :))

Mar 19, 2013
MS'ED club
by: Andy Barnes

Don't get fooled into using the ghastly injections. Insist on the small urethral implants - MUSE. They sound scary but don't hurt IME and are MUCH easier to use. Blue pills only work for a while and don't do you much good. Hope it helps as a fellow MS'ED victim, it's about as emasculating a thing the MS beast manages.

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