The Diagnosis

by Angela Wills
(Wild & Wonderful, WV)

Hospital <br>photo Courtesy of Boliston (Flickr)

photo Courtesy of Boliston (Flickr)

These migraines are getting out of control,
Maybe its time to see that doctor.
He says that stress could be a minor role,
Take some pills, he's a real charmer!

But Something is just not right, 
Something really feels off.
Did I just run that red light?
Or did I miss it when I coughed?

What was with me today?
Why couldn't I think of that word?
A word that I usually say!
And how come it sounded slurred?

Maybe it's just a fluke,
And it'll all go away.
Maybe I should just go puke!
Might feel better, at least some would say.

Ok, this is becoming peculiar,
Seriously, why can't I walk!
I know I can have an ill humor, 
But no one understands me when I talk!

Now this is becoming serious.
We're taking a trip to the ER.
Ugh, what is with this dizziness?
I can't see to drive my car!

The tests came back normal,
You don't know what's wrong?
I don't mean to sound forceful,
But I think a hospital is where I belong.

I now have double vision,
In just my left eye.
You want ME to make the decision,
To get an MRI?

Now the neuro's coming,
He wants to admit me?
Why aren't you being forthcoming,
About why I can't see?

Am I really that bad,
That 3 doctors have checked me?
Is the diagnosis that sad?
It's MS! No way! Really?!

All along there was evidence of this?
Really, I should have known?
My migraines were actually MS?
And it has a mind of it's own?

Are you sure you are right?
Couldn't this be something different?
How does one fight,
A disease that acts like an insurgent.

This is a lot to take in.
The reality of a disability for life.
Unpredictable, like a tornadoes wind.
Aggressive, like the purple loose strife.

This was my diagnosis
This is how I was told.
I have multiple sclerosis, 
And my life began to unfold.

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