by Gretchen Lane
(Dry Ridge, KY, USA)

Why me?
What did I do so wrong to deserve this?
I made mistakes in the past but I tried to make up for them.
I try to be a good person.
I have overcome every obstacle that has come my way.
Why do I now have one that I can not?
I am so damn angry!
I am so damn scared!
I want to scream until I can not scream anymore. 
I want to run until I can not run anymore.
But neither of those things will help so what is the use.
I don't know how to lean or depend on other people.
I have always been the rock. 
Show no fear, show no weakness.
Always the strong one,
That was me.
Anything could knock me down and I would get right back up.
Why can I not get back up this time?

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Apr 24, 2012
I also have asked WHY?
by: Lisa Ray

I was always the one in my family, the strongest and I wished I had the answer why.

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