How Long?

by Jane D
(Evansville, Indiana)

Sitting photo courtesy of JoshSemans (Flickr)

Sitting photo courtesy of JoshSemans (Flickr)

Today I knew I was finally crippled
Half the day I went here and there
But in between was when I was
Doubled over, my feet slapping the ground
Or sometimes just inching along
The cane didn't propel me
And I couldn't either
I just willed myself to a chair to rest
Finally I got there--blessed relief
And yes, the impulses came back
Before too many minutes I could walk again
But I have to wonder
How many years will it be sporadic like this
It's Ok now, I get along
How long will my learned tricks work?
Finally MS becomes visible and I am crippled
How long do I have to do everything I want?
I'd better start making a list

by Jane Drebus
Copyright 2009

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