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Multiple sclerosis is a chronic condition. It is a disease that lasts a long time. And although the word doesn't mean that the disease will get progressively worse, it usually does.

Definition of chronic

  • Chronic

  • 1. (of a problem) That which continues over an extended period of time, often associated with suffering ("long suffering").

    2. (medicine) Prolonged or slow to heal. The opposite of acute.

    3. (medicine) A condition of extended duration, either continuous or marked by frequent recurrence. Sometimes implies a worsening condition (a condition which gets worse with each recurrence), though this definition is not inherent in the term.

    4. Inveterate or habitual.
    5. (informal) Very bad, awful.
    6. (informal) Extremely serious.

    Living with a long lasting condition is not fun. When I first heard that Cir had MS, it didn't bother me as much as it does now. I didn't know enough about it at the time. I think I was more fearful in the beginning because I didn't know what it was.

    After learning that multiple sclerosis is a disease that would last the rest of Cir's life, I became a little worried. The uncertainty of not knowing what will happen to you or your loved one is not an easy thing to come to terms with.

    The day to day issues. The long-term issues. Nothing that has to do with living with a condition like multiple sclerosis is easy. Most people with it will live a normal life in terms of time.

    But the thought of living with a disease that could possibly get worse over time, is hard to deal with. The questions you have seem unanswerable. I'm not surprised if you feel angry or afraid or sorry for yourself in the beginning.

    Believe me, you can live a healthy life in spite of having MS. Learning how to manage your symptoms and knowing your body and your limitations is the key.

    Find doctors who will listen and work with you to help decide which treatments are right for you. Find others who also have MS and talk to them about what they're doing.

    Doing these types of things will help you deal with a condition like MS. And in turn, you will eventually be able to help others when they are newly diagnosed. You will be able to live your life in spite of MS.

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