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The Slaying

by Jane
(Evansville, IN)



The Slaying

At first it's every moment, waiting to see
The day MS has brought to me.
It's bated breath and quivering inside,
As I wait with anxious cause.

I'm newly diagnosed, so would you expect more?
I want to pretend it's not really true.
This numbness I feel, the fact I can't see out of one eye,
Oh, but I hope the time will hurry by.

They tell me the vision usually returns on its own
But that is one fact I have to be shown.
The whole thing is creepy and weird,
I'm not used to this tension that reverberates here.

My eyesight, so precious, snatched over a very few days.
Then the verdict of MS pounded on top of that haze.
I desperately want to run away and hide.
Where can I turn and to whom do I cry?

God comforts me for a few minutes,
I lean and rest on Him.
I'm in a panic, yet calm is prevailing,
As I realize his peace will see me through.

So, time has a way of healing a bit,
And symptoms come and go.
It's mostly obnoxious stuff
But some of it is a trifle rough.

Nevertheless, I keep on working it
My life just won't stop anyway.
The days turn to weeks and to months and to years,
My heart begins to quiet the tears.

My days begin to toughen a bit
My symptoms slide in importance.
Those aching legs and trembling hands
Seem to bow to the realities of Life's demands.

Little by little I conquer this MonSter
My lifetime foe I think I hear squeal
When IT sees me be strong
I sing a rousing spirit song.

I can say it's death to this nemesis
After many a year-- when I know
I don't have to be afraid of the Beast,
Because Jesus is forever my priest!

Jane Drebus
copyright 2009

I have had MS since 1973----36 years! I had to reach way back in my experience to create this poem. I want all new MSers to realize that things do get easier as time goes on.

My complete MS story is elsewhere on this site.

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Jun 06, 2009
Great MS Poem!
by: Akrista

Wow, Jane!

What a great poem. It really expresses what MS is. The wait was worth it. I'm so glad you are back and doing better.

Can't wait for more!

Stay safe,


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