No Longer Benign

by Jane Drebus
(Evansville, IN)

It finally happened
My MS is on a tear
I'm noticing changes
Stuff maybe I can't bear

I always knew it might happen
Protecting myself was uppermost
Then a tiny infection settled
My immune system became a ghost

Evidently I couldn't handle it
It was new and very widespread
My walking became a sham
I was often sent to my bed

My cane is no longer enough
I use furniture, walls, and chair rails
Anything to catch my balance
I'm at a loss as my whole body fails

I've got to wonder just how much longer
I'll be handling the world like this
Already I use a walker at times
Or a wheelchair so I won't go amiss

Unfortunately, I see a bit more each day
That I've seen in others over the years
My time has now come also, I guess
MS has won, and today there are no cheers

by Jane Drebus
Copyright 2010

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