MS Morning

by Gretchen Lane
(Dry Ridge, KY USA )

Alarm going off...
Yep hearing is working.
6:00 it says.....
Yep eyes are working.
Hit the off button....
Yep arms and hands are working.
Getting up to use the restroom....
Yep legs are working if not a little wobbly
Get a cup of coffee ....made a mess on the counter...
Hand eye coordination a little off.
Take a shower....legs are sore already
Guess it is going to be me and fatigue today.
Time to give my self my breakfast...
A handful of colorful pills and a nice injection that feels "great"
Getting dressed....
Not able to get the buttons through the hole so I guess I will wear a polo today
Thank god my shoes are slide on! Lol at myself...
What time do I work again today?
Oh yea the same time everyday duh!
Driving to work....
Is that damn yellow line moving....I keep crossing it.
Maybe I shouldn't drive anymore.....
How will I take care of my family then?
My body parts must have a mind of their own
My leg muscle is least part of me is happy.
My Hands must be high...they are tingly and fuzzy feeling
Oh wow I am almost there...
I don't remember going past that big barn, or crossing that bridge...
Maybe I am losing my mind!
I put my car in park and make sure I have everything...
Purse, cigs, phone, paperwork, and last but not least...
The big smile to hide the pain and fear...

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Jul 15, 2014
great poem
by: Anonymous

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this poem.

I related to the symptoms in a huge way, particularly with reference to the fatigue.

All credit to you..., and best wishes.

Apr 19, 2012
Only the Beginning...?
by: Susan Stone

This Sounds Like Only the Beginning

I love this account of your morning. It is hard to get up and get to work. I haven't worked in 6 years but sometimes really want to again. I am scared that I will have a bad exacerbation again like I did back when I had to quit and go on disability. I am better now, but always scared of what will happen next. Kudos to you! I give you a lot of credit for what you can do:)

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