Monster In Me

by Angie Bean
(Logan, Utah )

There is a MonSter in me
That you cannot see
It just won't let me be.

This MonSters left many scars on my spine
When you look at me I seem to shine
But inside my body I'm not feeling fine.

A MonSter so strong it makes me weak
My body gives out my minds a bleak
Sometimes it's even hard to speak.

The MonSter is always throwing a fit
I get so far then I have to sit
Sometimes I'd really like to quit.

I'm tired I'm sad I'm confused I'm numb what a pain in my bum
Oh this disease is so much fun

Everyday this MonSter I will face
Everyday it will try to slow my pace
But someday I will win this race.

Someday I will win I will win someday
but for now I'll go take a pee
And try to forget about this MonSter living inside of me!!!!

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