My Dance

by Kellie N Anderson
(Billings, MT, USA)

Everyday is a new dance with my invisible partner MS.

Sometimes we flow like the white rapids and others like a hurricane.

Waking is for sure the first steps to the dance and our flow.

The dancing is so very hard but this is the dance I have been given, with my invible partener MS.

It is so hard that you cannot see the other that dances with me.

How does one explain this partner that you do not see or feel making it hard for you and me.

If I could remember what all I have ask or been told maybe we could be just you and me.

But this dance I have been given will never be my choice to make making us so hard to take.

Dancing was relaxing with you but when it comes to my new partner I know not what to do.

I pray not for my invisible partner to take your place.

But that is your journey, your dance to take.

by Kellie N Anderson

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