What MS means to me

by Julie
(Washington State )

It's difficult....I look normal, have beautiful wonderful days, but no one sees the days that it takes every effort I have to get out of bed.

MS to me, is that I don't get to do what I used to or at the pace I used to without paying the price at a later date. MS is a strange, quirky disease that is usually not visible and you may see me as lazy or whiny, but it is so real and "yeah, it's in my head" but it's not in my imagination!

Do I wish there was a cure and I could have "me" back...absolutely! I wish a cure for all of us with MS!!!

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Dec 27, 2009
Thank you, Julie
by: Anonymous

Thank you, Julie for sharing what MS means to you. MS is invisible as well as individual. Even those with the same type don't always have the same symptoms.

And like you said, they may also be invisible to others - but they are very real to you.

Well said, and thank you again,


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