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Stephen White - Author

I just learned today about Stephen White, the best-selling author, who has MS. Some of his books include, The Siege; which is now in bookstores (as of Aug. 4th, 2009), and the 17th in a series of psychological thrillers. Dead TimeKill Me, and Higher Authority are a few of his other titles. Now I'm not much of a mystery/thriller/action book reader, but if you like this kind of thing, you may want to check him out.

An MS character

His main character, Dr. Alan Gregory, has a wife – Lauren Crowder - who also has multiple sclerosis. Even though it effects her differently than it does him, he knows first hand how to write about this sometimes debilitating disease – he has it!

Helping others understand

He uses his books to help readers understand what multiple sclerosis is. I think this is a pretty neat way to help others learn about any disease or condition. Stephen gets plenty of mail with questions about Lauren's illness, and has this to say about why he doesn't feel that it's his place to answer them.

"I educate people about the illness as part of storytelling," White says. "But I don't encourage questions about health to come my way any more than I encourage questions about mental health to come my way because I'm a psychologist. "I deflect them. It's not the correct forum."

Stephen White - then and now

Stephen White was born in Long Island but grew up in New York, New Jersey, and also Southern California. He attended college in California and where he dropped out of a creative writing class after just three weeks! Now he's a New York Times best-selling author of 17 books – go figure!

He eventually became a psychologist and now uses this background to help him create believable characters and exciting, action packed plots. He was still practicing full time when he wrote his first book in 1989, Privileged Information; a mystery/thriller.

Book titles

In 1992, he wrote Private Practices and two years later in 1994, Higher Authority. In this book, Dr. Alan Gregory becomes a lead character. Harm's Way  is his first New York Times best-seller. Several more books followed, in which Dr. Gregory is the protagonist or main character and a series was born.

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Book links

The Siege

Private Practices (Alan Gregory)

Higher Authority (Alan Gregory)

Harm's Way

Privileged Information (Alan Gregory)

Dead Time (Dr. Alan Gregory Novels Book 16)

Kill Me (Dr. Alan Gregory Novels Book 14)

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