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Living Well Emotionally - Book Review

By Montel Williams

This book, Montel Williams newest - Living Well Emotionally -is geared towards your emotional health.

Recently, Montel was a guest on the Oprah Show. If you saw it, you know that Montel was very emotional on the show. His show, The Montel Williams Show, has stopped airing and he was pleading with Oprah to "think hard before saying enough" about ending her show in 2011.

What does living well emotionally mean for Montel?

In his book, he talks about the emotional aspects of MS. He shares how he has managed to live through incredible lows. And though he still deals with them; sometimes on a daily basis, he has found ways to bring himself out of them to find happiness again.

On the show, Montel shared how, for the past 17 years, he has been hiding behind his true feelings of pain and depression in order to continue doing his show. Now he is ready to let that go. Ready to stop hiding behind the smile that we see when he walks out in front of the cameras to face the television audience and millions of viewers.

In his book, Living Well Emotionally, he tells of all the things he has found to help him cope with the extreme highs and severe lows of depression. From meditation to the Happiness Diet, he's learned what helps to bring happiness back into his life and he shares them with us.

And what does it mean for you?

If you've been watching Montel for a long as we have, then you were probably just a surprised as we were to hear the news of his diagnosis. And even more to find out that he has dealt with emotional pain for so long. 

Dealing with the physical pain of MS - which he also does - can work on you emotionally. Cir doesn't have burning in his feet like Montel does, however, he does deal with back pain and burning in his thighs and sometimes his legs. I can tell you that as a caregiver watching someone you love live with this, my heart hurts for him. We both rejoice when he has even just a few moments that are pain-free.


As someone dealing with all the many issues associated with multiple sclerosis, you are at greater risk of having depression. Whether it's directly related to your MS or a side effect of the many different medications you take to treat your MS, depression is depression. No matter how you look at it or where it comes from, it's not something you have to "learn to live with".

That's not okay

What is okay, is that you call in professional help. And if you happen to be dealing with a severe case of depression, you definitely need help. You should not just try to wing it or wait until it "goes away". It's when you don't do anything, that things can get out of control, even to the point of wanting to end it all, which is something Montel also shared with viewers.

Severe Depression

You don't need to feel embarrassed about seeking help, either. There are so many people that feel like to seek help is to admit weakness or to feel that you are emotionally unstable. What matters is that when you feel depressed or are otherwise emotionally unwell, you are not happy, whether you want to acknowledge it or not.

It's your right to be happy. You can feel well emotionally. Even with MS. So what can you do about it? What should you do?

Besides talking to your doctor, of course, you can read Montel's new book, Living Well Emotionally. Find out what you can do to begin to feel happiness again. Make the changes, whether it's diet, meditation, or exercise - whatever it takes. Take Montel's advice.

And if you already are happy, that's great. You can still read it for the inspiration and for those times when depression or other emotional issues may become something you can't, and shouldn't, deal with alone.

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