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Meet Alan Osmond - Part 2

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David shared a bit about dealing with his MS on his website. You can also read his blog here. And if you want to go straight to his videos, click here. Want to see pictures? (You know you do). Just click here, (opens in a new window).

Being on American Idol is a great opportunity for me. It gives me a chance to share not only my music, but to also let people know a little more about MS. There’s no cure for MS.

I kind of cover it up, but I still have MS. It’s something I deal with on a day to day basis, every minute. I used to be in a wheelchair, unable to move from the chest down. My eyesight was diminishing, and I couldn’t sing because my diaphragm was stopping. The fact that I walk today is amazing. I thought that music was done for me.

I’ve been really blessed in so many ways. Music is my life, and now I get the chance to share it once again with all of you. Again, thanks to all of you who are here to support me.

~ David Osmond ~

Coping with MS

Alan Osmond attributes his ability to cope with his MS, to the support of his wife and family. Family is very important to him. His parents raised him with a "You Can Do It" attitude that has been with him all of his life.

With the help of his faith, he never gave up. He started experiencing symptomsaround 1987. He noticed his fingers couldn't play his instruments – trumpet, banjo, guitar, piano, bass, and saxophone – the way he used to. He started tripping and falling. He lost the ability to practice karate, dance, and participate in sports.

The whole right side of his body deteriorated. Even his mind and senses were affected. This was a hard blow for him to take. His life and career were built around being active. Having primary-progressive multiple sclerosis threatened the very things his life was built on.

Searching around the world

Alan Osmond began searching for something to help deal with the weakness that was robbing him of the use of his body. He traveled around the world and saw all kinds of doctors. He took numerous tests and tried several different treatments.

Someone led him to a group called Argyll. They were doing trial treatments for people with all types of diseases, including MS. He wanted to try it and signed up immediately.

After beginning injections of SF-1019, he began feeling a difference. After suffering with the devastating effects of MS for many years, he could feel connections he hadn't been able to feel in his hands and legs. His sense of smell even came back.

Alan Osmond is continuing the treatments and has also become an advocate ofalternative treatments like natural foods and essential oils. He also takes higher doses of vitamin D.

"What have I learned?"

-Nature plays no favorites and that there are many environmental and challenging diseases which interrupt our immune systems and causes our bodies to even fight themselves!

-I learned that this Argyll treatment has NO Side effects and helps the body restore its Immune system and get ones body back to the way God intended and created it to be!

-Plus, I am NOT the only one that has been tested and treated with this that has been helped!

This treatment has blessed many people with Cancer, Diabetes, Parkinson's, Diabetic Neuropathy, as well as M.S! It has also been successful in treating patients with HIV.

I am pleased to be a spokesman for this product and to have the opportunity to reach out to others in trying to help "Strengthen Families"!

~ Alan Osmond ~

Alan Osmond and his wife - One Heart

You might also like to see and hear Alan and his wife, Suzanne, talk about the foundation and how it was created to help strengthen families. Check out the video below.

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