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Famous People with Multiple Sclerosis L-N

This page lists Famous People with Multiple Sclerosis L–N. If you have come to this page first, be sure and read to the end of the list and follow the links for more famous people with MS.

Did you ever know there were so many famous people that suffer with multiple sclerosis? The list was so long, we decided to divide it into shorter pages to make it easier for you to read.

Do you know of someone who isn't on this list that should be? If so, use the form at the bottom of the list to add your own page. Tell us a little about the person with MS and why they're famous. Add a picture so we can put a face to the name.

In the meanwhile, here's the list. See if you recognize any of the famous people with multiple sclerosis.

Famous People with Multiple Sclerosis L-N


  • Lane, Ronnie - English muscian, songwriter, and producer, also founding member of two bands; Small Faces and Faces
  • Larry Tucker - Film and TV writer and producer (incl. The Monkees, Alice B. Toklas and Bob & Carol)
  • Laura Mitchell - Public policy analyst, consultant and writer
  • Laurie Elyse - Designer/artist
  • Leighton, Margaret - English actress
  • Lena Horne - Actress and singer
  • Lisa Peck - Mountain bike rider (5th in 2000 Masters World Mountain Bike Championships)
  • Lola Falana - Actress, singer, and dancer, Part 2
  • Louise Arters - Actress (one of the Sparkle Twins)
  • Luca Coscione - Italian Politician
  • Lucien Hervé - Architectural Photographer
  • Lydwina of Schieden - Dutch patron Saint of Ice Skaters (1400AD) The earliest record of someone with MS
  • Lynne Sears Williams - Author
  • M

  • Madeline Rhue - Actress
  • Maggie Weder - Golfer
  • Mantovani, Nicoletta - Luciano Pavarotti's personal assistant and second wife
  • Margaret Leighton - English Actress
  • Marianne Gingrich - Ex-wife of former House Speaker Newt Gingrich
  • Martin Bruch - Photographer
  • Mary Jo Kilroy - US Representative of Ohio's 15th District
  • Mary Mullarkey - Colorado State Supreme Court Chief Justice
  • Maureen Manley - Olympic Cyclist
  • Maxine Mesinger - Newspaper gossip columnist, Houston Chronicle
  • McCrary, Micheal - Boys II Men group member singer
  • Melanie Lawson - Anchorwoman, Channel 13, Houston
  • Michael Blake - Hollywood screenwriter, "Dances with Wolves"
  • Michael Frimkess - Potter
  • Michael R. Duval - Investment Banker and White House Lawyer Under Nixon and Ford
  • Micheal McCrary - Boys II Men group member singer
  • Michaele Salahi - White House Party Crasher
  • Michel Dupuis - Canadian football player (linebacker for Ottawa, Winnipeg & Toronto)
  • Miquel Marti i Pol - Catalan poet
  • Minter, Keith - Guitarist in UK punk rock band Capdown - diagnosed RMMS 2011
  • Mitch Terpstra - Athlete and Althetics Coach
  • Montel Williams - Talk show host and actor
  • Mueller, Steven - (DOB 10-16-1969 - ) Publicist and author
  • N

  • Nancy Mairs - novelist
  • Natalie Mandzhavidze - NASA Physicist
  • Neil Cavuto - lead anchor on Fox News Channel
  • Nicoletta Mantovani-Pavarotti - Luciano Pavarotti's wife and former personal assistant
  • Norah Vincent – Journalist

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