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Multiple Sclerosis Exercise Part 3

multiple sclerosis exercise

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In the past, MSers were told by their doctors not to exercise. Since then, many studies have been done about multiple sclerosis and exercise. The studies showed that exercise can actually help lessen or improve MS symptoms. In 1996, a study by the University of Utah showed that exercise could benefit MSers by helping to do the following.

Multiple sclerosis exercise benefits

  • improve cardiovascular fitness
  • improve strength
  • increase endurance
  • improve bladder and bowel function
  • lessen fatigue
  • improve mood
  • becoming more positive
  • becoming more social
  • reduce bone thinning
  • maintain muscle tone and flexibility

As you can see, the benefits of exercising are many. From all the obvious things like better heart health, improving strength and endurance, to helping with MS symptoms like fatigue. Exercise can help with the stress that MSers feel and if you are doing it with a group, you are less likely to suffer from social isolation.

Mood improves and you become more positive, those are also good things for MSers. And anything that helps to maintain your muscle tone and overall flexibility when you have mobility problems, can help to keep you on your feet longer.

Positive things

All these are positive things for people with MS, so don't overlook the power of movement of any kind. Now many doctors recommend doing as much exercise as you can. Even if you can't exercise everyday, or do the same exercise you used to, try to do something.

Cir's doctor is always impressed when he hears that Cir still does push-ups almost everyday. And especially when his strength is better than average and he's able to walk better than he has in the past.

Exercise is a very important factor in anyone's life, even if you don't have MS. Not exercising can lead to many different health problems. Heart disease, atrophy of the muscles, decreased bone density, inefficient breathing, and obesity, to name just a few. These problems can lead to even more problems.

All of this on top of the problems and symptoms you already have with MS. It's very important to be as healthy as you can when you have multiple sclerosis. It may sound like an odd proposition, however it is possible to be healthier even with a disease like this. This will give you the ammunition you need to manage it and fight it - whatever way you want to approach it.

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