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Living with MS - Healthcare Team. Sounds like the name of an amateur football team to me. Well maybe not, but you will inevitably deal with physicians and doctors of different kinds.

healthcare team

Cir has a neurologist, a urologist, and a GP or general practitioner, and also a home healthcare aide. He has also had physical and occupational therapists, a home health nurse....

Well, I think you get it by now that there can be a lot of people caring for a person living with multiple sclerosis.

One way to keep everyone and everything organized is to keep your records all in one place. A notebook with each of the doctor's contact information in it will help keep your health care team records in order. And if you're computer savvy, a document in Notepad or Wordpad, or one of the other programs like Word, can be easily updated with current medications and doctor visits. Cir and I are working on a organizational tool to help with this area.

In the meanwhile, make a list of all the doctors and physicians who currently take care of you or your family member with MS. Each of their names, addresses, phone numbers, and what to do in case of an emergency. Include the following:

Your Living with MS - Healthcare Team

  • Health Care Team
  • Primary Care Physician – PCP
  • General Practitioner – GP
  • Neurologist
  • Urologist
  • Therapists - physical and occupational
  • Home Health Agency
  • Case Manager
  • Home Health Aide
  • Pain Management
  • Counselor
  • Visiting Nurse

You may have only a few of these on your health care team. Or you may have all of them or more than those listed in the above list. Again, it all depends on your situation and the different symptoms you have with your MS. Make up your list and keep it in a notebook or computer file for easy access.

healthcare team

It's also a good idea to keep a list of the current medications, (including supplements) you take. A calendar with doctors appointments is also good to keep for reference. Whenever his case manager comes to call, we try to make sure we have it updated. She makes sure he has everything he needs, including any durable medical equipment or (DME).

A nurse from his Home Health Services company also makes a visit every three months. She also appreciates the updated list as it saves a lot of time. She can take a copy or scan a copy into her computer.

We usually take a copy when meeting with a new doctor for the first time or whenever any of his information changes. It beats trying to remember everyone on his team, as well as medications, past history, doctor visits, dates of operations, etc. Very helpful, so much so, that I now do it myself, even without MS.

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