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WAH MS Caregiver Part 2

(Or WAH MSer)

WAH MS Caregiver passive income

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The idea behind SBI is to spend the time to choose a website concept that will get found over and over in the search engines until eventually you monetize it and receive a steady passive income stream. The first few days of beginning the program are spent researching the perfect site concept for you. Something that you are passionate about, but will one that will also have monetization potential.

How can you build a successful ebusiness and work from home? Click here.

You work slowly, steadily, using the available tools, like Brainstorm It, and Search It, until you are satisfied that your site's concept is the perfect one for you. You'll be able to write easily about your niche because it's something you love ,or at least something you care deeply about. You'll be spending hours with this niche so if it's something you hate, or that doesn't mean anything to you, you may find it hard to stick with.

By the 5th day, you've totally planned your website/business and are ready to pick the perfect name for it. This name is built around your niche's most important keyword. Then and only then do you begin to build. The idea is to build content rich pages that visitors and search engines love and come back to again and again. The more content rich pages you write, the more you're found, the higher you get pushed in the search engines, until you eventually become one of the higher ranking websites for your particular niche.

Because your visitors know and trust you for providing content that is actually useful to them, they keep returning and begin linking back to your site. Because they are telling others about you, that makes you even more popular with the search engines. As this is happening, you visitor count is continually increasing, till eventually you are ready to monetize using one or two of the methods you planned during the beginning stages.


How can you build a successful ebusiness and work from home? Click here.

Your income will build over time as your traffic grows until you are making a steady, reliable, income, from something you love. As a person with MS or the caregiver of a loved one with multiple sclerosis, this is the perfect type of “job”. You already “work” at home everyday from “8-to-late” and you need a position that's flexible. One that allows you to “work” when you can at home or anywhere you can take your laptop or netbook.

How cool is that? I've learned to work at the doctors office in the waiting room, late at night, or early in the morning. Occasionally I can even snatch a few minutes or an hour or two during the day to write a page, build a few back links, or answer a question or two. I have my own schedule. My, (and Solo Build It's) motto is to work like the tortoise – Slow and steady. Making use of all of the tools available at one low price, Cir and I have managed to build a website (ebusiness), that's making money.

Even though I couldn't build one page each day as the program suggests, maybe you could. At times I could only build one page per week. But whatever you CAN do, I promise that if you DO it, you will look back one day and see that you've actually built a thriving website that works. That actually makes money you can depend on month after month.

With all that said, though, it depends on you as a WAH MS Caregiver and the amount of work that you are willing to put into it. 

How can you build a successful e-business and work from home? Click here.

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