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WAH MS Caregiver Part 3

(Or WAH MSer)

If you would like to read Part 2 or Part 1 of WAH MS Caregiver first, click the links above.

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By building a solid foundation for your site from the beginning, getting as many of the important decisions right, and steadily pushing forward, everyday, you will get there. You will be in a comfortable position and making money will no longer be a problem. As an Mser, you won't need to worry about how you will be taken care of when you get older.

It's up to you as a WAH MS caregiver

As an MS caregiver to a loved one with MS, your worries will subside as well. You will have a steady income stream that will continue to grow as long as you have your site. You may even get to the point where you can sell your ebusiness website because it is worth it. It is up to you, but it will be something that you've built and can be proud of, whether you keep or not.

I like to say about SBI that if you can dream it, you can build it. A website that provides for you and your loved one, whether you are the one with MS, or the family caregiver who's loved one has multiple sclerosis. You can work at home on your own time. Start part-time while you are still working. Build your ebusiness to the point where it can let you come home.

Find out how you can build a successful ebusiness and work from home.

Sure, you can choose a blog that doesn't cost anything, but why put all that time and effort into something that may not even get found by your potential visitors or even the search engines. Especially when you can't work on it because you or your loved one has an exacerbation. I get the powerful back end tools that are constantly promoting and getting my website seen everyday. I get the powerful front end tools that allow me to build a beautiful website that visitors love and come back to again and again.

On top of that the software that I use to build it is constantly being upgraded at no extra cost! I can't believe that SBI is still offered at the same “vintage price” that they started out with 10 years ago. The price hasn't gone up since we started and they won't be going up in the next 10 years. Plus you even have the option of paying month to month if you need to.

The newest upgrade will make building a website as easy as drag and drop with Block Builder 2. If you're a returning visitor, you'll soon see the changes in the look & feel of our site – (hopefully you'll agree that they are just as wonderful as we think they are). This is the biggest upgrade in the history of SBI! Making it so much quicker and easier to build each of your pages and ultimately your web business.

Find out how you can build a successful ebusiness and work from home.

I know this sounds like a big commercial, but I'm not sure where we'd be now if we didn't have Life in Spite of MS. We call it our foundation website – the one that will always be there for us, long after we've written our other websites. It will always be our “baby” - the one that showed us what we were made of and what we could accomplish, just by helping others who live with the same devastating illness as Cir does. Out of pain comes prosperity. And if we can do it, you can do the same.

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