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Famous People with Multiple Sclerosis O-Z

This page lists Famous People with Multiple Sclerosis O–Z - If you have come to this page first, be sure and follow the links back to the other pages for more famous people with MS.

From writers to race car drivers to musicians, MS can affect anyone at the most productive time in their lives. Are you on the verge of realizing your dreams? Have you just found out you have MS? Knowing that there are so many famous people with MS lets you know you aren't alone.

If you know of someone who is not on this list who should be, use the form at the end of the list to add your own page. Tell us a little about the person with MS and why they're famous. Add a picture so we can put a face to the name.

In the meanwhile, here's the list. Find out who's famous and has multiple sclerosis.

Famous People with Multiple Sclerosis
O-Z List

O - Z

  • Paul Novoselick - Chronicle staff writer and columnist
  • Paul Willey - Virtual Golf Champion
  • Paul Wolfskehl - 19th century German industrialist and amateur mathematician
  • Paul Wellstone - US Senator, Minnesota
  • Pietrangelo, Ann - Author

  • Rachelle Breslow - author
  • Rich Warden – Race car Driver
  • Richard Berghammer - Wildlife Painter
  • Richard Cohen - journalist (married to actress Meridith Viera)
  • Richard Pryor - Comedian, author, actor
  • Richard Radtke - Scientist and Winner Presidential Award for Excellence in Science, Mathematics and Engineering
  • Robin Gurr – poet (see Robin Muir-Miller also)
  • Robin Muir-Miller (Australian poet), (see Robin Gurr also)
  • Robert "Wingnut" Weaver - Actor
  • Roger MacDougall - British playwright
  • Roland 'Chubby' Cloutier - TV Entertainer
  • Roman Gabriel - American football player (Los Angeles Rams 1962-72)
  • Ronald Rogers - Concert Pianist
  • Ronnie Lane - musician with The Faces (Rod Stewart's old band)

  • Salahi, Michaele - White House Party Crasher
  • Sarah P. Gibbs - Biologist - Winner of 2003 Gilbert Morgan Smith Medal
  • Sean Coman - (Sean Donahue) - Californian disk jockey
  • Sears Williams, Lynne - Author
  • Sellers, Kym - Cleveland, Ohio radio personality
  • Sharon Summerall - model married to Don Henley (singer with The Eagles)
  • Sigler, Jamie-Lynn - Actress, singer, (Meadow Soprano)
  • Sir Augustus Frederic D'Este - (1794-1848) - grandson of King George III of England, 1st documented case of MS
  • Stan BelRoger MacDougall - British playwright
  • Stephen White - Best-selling author
  • Steven Mueller - (DOB 10-16-1969 - ) Publicist and author
  • Sue Thomas - Agent, author, public speaker, inspiration for TV series - Sue Thomas, FBEye

  • Tamia - R&B singer (Grammy Nominee)
  • Terri Garr - Actress (Young Frankenstein, Tootsie, Close Encounters)
  • Thomas, Sue - Agent, author, public speaker, inspiration for TV series - Sue Thomas, FBEye
  • Valerie Jankowski Skrabut - artist and musician
  • Don van Vliet - American musician, singer, songwriter, and artist, aka Captain Beefheart
  • Victor Willing - Artist
  • Vince Smith - Country singer who had a hit record with a song called "My Annette" after his friend and idol Annette Funicello - Now he has MS
  • Wayne Dobson - magician
  • Wendy Carol Roth - Television producer, writer and Advocate for the Disabled
  • Wendy Lill - Canadian Politician
  • William Hartnell - British actor (the first Doctor Who)
  • William Newman - artist
  • Yury Tynianov - Russian Novelist and literary critic

  • So there you have it. Famous People with Multiple Sclerosis O-Z. And you'll find more people with MS on the pages below.

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