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Young Mom with MS

: Markita in Lawrenceburg, TN
How long with MS: less than one month
Year DX: DX in 2011
Type of MS: Too soon to tell

About Markita

I am a 22 years old single mother of 2. I went into the hospital on 4/22/11 for just a simple outpatient procedure. When I was awakened from recovery I was unable to feel or move my lower body (From my waist down).

I was sent for a lot of tests and later that day was diagnosed with MS. The doctor said that I was in the early stages, however she could not tell me when I would be able to fully walk again.

I have read a lot of stories from other MS patients and I am not as scared as before. I do not know where my life as a single mother will go from here, but all I can do is pray and keep faith.

Thank u!!

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