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Jodi's MS Space

Welcome to Jodi's Life in Spite of MS~Space!

Jodi's MS~Space

Jodi's Profile:

Name: Jodi Rivera
Location: Spring, Texas 
Year Dxed: 2007
How many years with MS: 6 years
Type of MS:
Relapsing-Remitting MS

A little about Jodi:

My name is Jodi Rivera and I currently live in Spring, Texas with my husband Randy Rivera and our son Elijah Rivera.  I was diagnosed in 2007 and have been dealing with MS now for over 5 years.  The type of MS that I currently have is RRMS.

I was a young mother and young wife when I was first diagnosed with MS. It was a scary time in my life because I was having difficulty seeing and my vision was blurred for many weeks. I finally went to my eye doctor who told me that this is something more serious. He told me I needed to immediately go to the emergency room because I could have a brain aneurism. I immediately was rushed to the hospital to begin testing to find out what was going on. I had several MRI, I had a spinal tap, I was pumped up with a lot of steroids and I was given many different meds including strong pain pills to ease the pain. My stay at the hospital was almost 2 weeks only to learn that they did not find MS and they finally released me with a diagnosis of optic neuritis.  

I found one of the best neurologist in my area who was sure that I had MS but it just has not surfaced yet. After my spinal tap my blood started leaking out of my spine because they put too big of a hole in my spine.  I then suffered tremendous pain from the blood leaking into my body. I was rushed to the hospital again only to undergo another procedure to take my blood, clot it and reinsert my blood at the site of the spinal tap.  Finally they stopped the bleeding and I was feeling better.  

My neurologist wanted the to do another MRI only 3 months after my hospital stay. He said if we can catch this literally onset you will be in really good shape. I of course agreed and would undergo as many MRI as needed. My results from my very first MRI was finally positive for MS. I am very blessed that I have been able to catch this disease in the early stages and I know that I will live a normal healthy life.  

As a strong faithful family we make an effort in raising money for MS.  My husband Randy Rivera and our son Elijah Rivera are my GREATEST supporters!!! My husband who has never picked up a road bike in his life, began bike training so he can do the MS 150 in honor of his wife! He has continued to do this year after year and I am so proud of what he is doing not only supporting me but many of other that struggle with MS.  My son Elijah is also involved and actually next weekend we all will be walking for MS as a family! I am blessed with an amazing family and friends who support me year after year!

Never give up on your fight, stay positive and don't give up because you can beat MS! I am beating MS everyday and nothing can stop me. Stay strong!!!

Please also remember to stay on your medicines. I am currently taking a daily shot of Copaxone and this has helped keep the disease at bay. Do your research and stay on top of the new findings. We can do this, MS will be a disease of the past!!!!

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