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Work Accommodations

by Misty Buskirk
(Oklahoma City, Oklahoma)

My doctor signed a paper for my work for a medical accommodation stating that I was not able to work after 6pm due to my chronic fatigue and that people with MS do not do as well at night as they do in the day. 2 weeks later I got an answer that corporate people from my store denied my accommodation but now I am not getting any hours.

In fact, in 2 weeks I will have no hours since they, as they put it, are nice and going to give me what my doctor asked for out of the kindness of their hearts and not work me after 6 pm. They said they cannot guarantee me hours so I feel I have been discriminated (against) over this.

They are mad because I did not disclose my handicap, but from what I understand, I do not have to disclose my illness. Am I wrong for being upset over this and wanting to seek out legal help??

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Aug 13, 2011
Know Your Rights
by: Akrista

Hi Misty,
And no, you have every right to be upset about this. And I would definitely talk to a lawyer who specializes in disability cases or look up Tri-County Independent Living Centers in your area. These centers were put in place as advocates of anyone who has a disability.

Take all of your paperwork and look up Tri-County Independent Living Centers in your city. You could alternately talk to the National MS Society as well to see what they suggest. Whatever you do, don't take this sitting down, so to speak. Talk to anyone who will listen and give you answers.

I'm very sorry this happened to you. However, reasonable accommodations are a part of the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act). So find out what your rights are, as far as what employers are required to provide for you in a case like this. I honestly hope this all works out for the best for you. If you can, post an update when your problem is resolved.

Take care. We wish you all the best,

Aug 14, 2011
Re: Work Accommodation
by: Misty

Thank You!!! I will definitely be looking them up and will update you on this!!!!


Mar 15, 2013
RE: Work Accomodations
by: Casey

Just about the same story for me dear one! I collected much evidence... I contacted everyone I could think of - ADA - who was very informative and WV Advocated who helped me from the start to almost the finish - I worked for a very large therapy company - I maintain my license as an Occupational Therapy Assist - This company would not accommodate to written Dr. Orders.

Attempted to force me to resign or move. It has been since Sept of 2011 since I began fighting and I am now awaiting my letter of determination - I feel in my heart and soul I have done and those that have assisted have done a great job and I am looking for the Courts to reveal to me that it is determined that a Therapy Company has taken away my rights - my job.

The Ironic thing really is I am an Occupational Therapy Assist-whose job is to get those who are in need to get back on their feet and return to their daily activities-their Jobs. Please do not give up - Even if this letter comes this week that there is not enough evidence. I tell you friend I will find more. Keep on Keeping on! =)

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