What LDN Has Done for Me

by Lorna McGann
(Collingwood, Ontario)

Has kept me in remission for the last five years, which is how long I have been on it. Have had some nice symptom improvements. Bladder now normal, energy improved. I can now walk around easily after years unable to do so.

I use a liquid method which makes it very inexpensive. To do so, take a 50mg tab & dilute with 50ml water, store in fridge until used each night before bed. Expect some sleep disturbance at first, which is the only side effect I've had. What I did was to use only 1mg/day at first & slowly increase 1mg. at a time. Try melatonnin.

Not a steroid, no needles & the best part is the low cost.

Use a baby medicine dropper to measure the amout in ML.

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