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Vertigo and digestion problems

by Rosanne Castillo-Romero

Hi Cir and Akrista, this is Rosanne.
Have been woozy lately...ear doctor said no problem in ear. Can MS cause this? And can MS cause problems with digestion?

Hi Rosanne,
I'm so sorry to hear that you aren't feeling well. Yes, vertigo is an MS symptom. It has to do with balance problems that MSers experience. If you have balance or vertigo problems, be sure to use a cane or walker when trying to get around. You don't need to fall and have to deal with something like that along with any other MS symptoms.

I'm not sure about the digestion problems, Rosanne. I imagine the nerves in the stomach and digestive system could be affected just as anywhere else. I have heard of MSers having trouble swallowing. Other problems include bowel problems, and bladder problems.

I will check on the digestion problems and add another comment. In the meanwhile, try drinking chamomile or ginger tea. Possibly another visitor with MS will add a comment if they experience indigestion and what they do to help it.

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Mar 17, 2014
digestive issues with MS
by: Carrie

Hi, yes I have digestive problems. It starts prior to my attacks and lasts for weeks. My worst relapse digestive issues went on for 3 months. Yes, I definitely have digestive issues going on. IT has been followed by all my MS symptoms. You are not alone. I BELIEVE THERE IS SOME TYPE OF CONNECTION.

Dec 28, 2014
Vertigo and Digestion Issues with MS
by: Akrista

Hi Rosanne,
Yes, vertigo is a symptom of MS. What is vertigo? The feeling that you or your surroundings are spinning. Your brain has complex pathways that allow your body to maintain equilibrium. These pathways coordinate the visual and spatial input you receive so that your brain can keep you on your feet.

When there is damage (lesions) to the nerves that send the signals to these intricate pathways, vertigo results. I have had vertigo at various times in my life and believe me it is no fun. For me, it eventually went away. For an MSer with damage that is most likely permanent, this is a symptom that can plague you for a long time.

There are medications that can help with this symptom, namely those that control or alleviate motion-sickness. There are anti motion-sickness drugs such as meclizine, Antivert® Bonine® or Dramamine®), as well as newer skin patches that deliver scopolamine, or the anti-nausea drug ondansetron (Zofran®).

Talk to your doctor if you have vertigo, dizziness, or feel off balance, especially if it lasts for a long time. Walking with MS is already difficult enough without adding one of these symptoms to the mix.

Digestion issues are another symptom that can be a problem for you if you have MS. As Carrie mentioned above, her digestive issues always preceded a relapse. It’s such a general problem, one that can be the result of just eating the wrong thing at the wrong time. Or it can be a side-effect of some of the medications you are on.

Unfortunately, it is not a symptom normally associated with MS. If it continues to bother you, talk to your doctor about what you can do to help you get some relief. I do believe that digestive issues are related to MS as well. Cir is always complaining about his stomach after eating. I can be fine eating the same thing, but for him, it can be a problem.

Hope this helps.

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